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Full Dirt and Dust Protection

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First Class Quality for Your Vehicle

A car is a considerable investment. It’s therefore essential that you have to invest some money and effort to protect it. This will ensure a lifetime’s service from your vehicle.

Regular and competent maintenance on your car will inevitably extend its life and leave you worry-free. Whilst there’s much you can do to keep your vehicle safe and in tip-top condition, perhaps one of the first and most critical steps you can take is to protect it from the everyday bombardment of extreme weather conditions.

Regardless of the model, some climatic conditions won’t be so beneficial for your vehicle. Take, for example, a run of very chilly nights when you have to leave your vehicle without a car protection cover. It may seem okay after you wipe it and get ready to go, but what you may not realise is that, over time, moisture build-ups can add to wear on the bodywork.

Fortunately, with us, you can protect your four-wheeled pride and joy investment with some of the finest car covers Australia has to offer. We offer a range of the best car covers you can find, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. From sun protection car covers, dustproof car covers, breathable car covers, we have them all. Auto Covers offers car cover solutions for a whole range of makes and models, from vintage and more modern classics to the supercars of today. 

We specialise in the manufacture of premium car covers in Australia to keep our clients satisfied. Purchasing a new car protection cover is an excellent way of shielding your vehicle’s exterior. The best part is that they’re within the pocket range of most car enthusiasts and are easy to carry around in the portable bag supplied with each. They’ll maintain your car safe from paint discolourations and general wear and tear on the bodywork while parked up.

With Auto Covers, you’re guaranteed to have the highest quality product available in Australia. They’re so user-friendly, and their longevity of service is without question. 

The extensive range of covers come at the most affordable prices, and you are guaranteed that what you get will exceed your expectations, and you’ll find the true value for money. We dedicate our time to total customer satisfaction. We use premium materials, a tough but lightweight fabric, securing straps and extras because we believe that taking our time and care to design something durable and reliable is key to the Auto Covers success.

Large or small cars, indoors or out, we have a cover to keep everyone, well, covered! Whether you are looking for a waterproof, double-stitched, or breathable cover, we’ve got it. Just ask.

Among our large variety of covers, we also have the heat-sealed type ones, which have been crafted to survive under all conditions that the varied Australian climate could throw at them. Ours is a one-stop-shop, which means that our potential and established customers are able to find whichever type of covers they could need – including items like motorbike covers. No need to shop around. We have it all in stock. 

Our website has been designed to be user-friendly and easily maneuverable. Visitors are able to navigate effortlessly through all pages and view all the cover ranges, making the task of choosing one (or more) that fits their needs perfectly.

Forget getting confused and wasting time on other websites offering car covers products. Instead, get the comfort you want by purchasing a car protection cover from Auto Covers and experience the various perks offered. Our covers don’t just provide great fitting but also are made with thick and durable materials for the utmost protection of your car. Feel free to contact us for more information and let us help you decide on what’s best to order based on your needs.

Here at Auto Covers, you get the best quality of a protective car cover can have. There are so many situations where a great cover will save your vehicle from undesired damages and, at the same time, spare you frustration and time, having to deal with the consequences of the damage. Car protection covers are not a new thing, and they have been around for pretty much as long as the covers have been. Especially in such humid weather as hours, you need to research all car covers AU has to offer to make you get the best one out there. Make sure you choose a breathable car cover to make sure no moisture is built up under it since it can cause rust and damage your paintwork. Another important aspect to look out for is also the weight of the cover and packaging it comes in. You need something lightweight that won’t take too much space in your trunk and can be easily removed and put back on. With us, all car protector covers come with at least a 1-year warranty and free shipping around the AU. Plus, you get many options for upgrade, such as custom fit, extra protection and logo/text addition.


We are proud of what we do. At Car Covers Australia, we strongly believe in forming a meaningful and valuable, lasting relationship with our clients. This is the reason we have devoted our time, resources and effort to offering the best indoor and outdoor car covers to satisfy our customers’ needs.
What sets us aside from the competition, and why we are your optimal destination when searching for a car protective cover?

10 Years of Experience

We have been in the car covers business for a decade now and during that time we’ve gained priceless expertise on everything, there is to know about car covers. Not only that, we strive to maintain a great relationship with our clients. We know that every one of them has unique requirements and we consistently put that at the forefront when crafting our covers. The fact that we are competitive in the car cover market for so long, clearly shows that we have our customers’ trust and they are satisfied with our product.

Price Match Guarantee

Car Covers Australia will match the lowest price on the market for comparable products. We go through the competitor prices regularly to either match - or even offer lower prices - for the identical items in car covers available out there. Do check out our Price Match Guarantee page to get more information.

Guaranteed Fitting

We prioritise customers’ needs and guarantee all of them are met, by listening to specific requirements before modifying the car cover. With such a wide range of vehicle types available, we rise to the challenge each time in providing a product to fit each one properly, satisfaction guaranteed.

The Best Quality Covers Offered

With Car Covers, top quality is guaranteed. We care about our clients and we work to provide the best car cover each time as if the vehicle was our own pride and joy. We offer maximum value while minimizing costs to customers by offering them dependable car covers which look smashing and are made to last. Forget about running back to the shop to get a replacement in a few years.

Express Shipping

Convenience in delivery to your desired location is guaranteed. You won’t have to worry about how and when your order will get to you after placing it. We offer express shipping every time to make sure the car cover reaches you intact and promptly.

Customer Trust

We care for and value our customers. At Auto Covers, trust is the token of any business’ success and that’s why we ensure a high-quality service, enhanced communication and delivery on our every promise.

Great Customer Support

Our customer care team is available 24/7 to assist you with any inquiries you could have - such as which car covers are the best for a certain situation or which one would be the perfect solution for your car.

30 Days Return

We make sure all our covers are made with quality fabrics that will protect your car for ages without wearing out and completely shield it from any damage. You will not be disappointed in the fabric quality and thus will feel like you got your money’s worth. However, we offer a 30 day, no-quibble money-back guarantee in the very unlikely event that you are unhappy with your product.