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  • I do not want to damage my car by putting the cover on it? What is the inside material of the cover, the inner surface?
  • What is the inner layer of Outdoor PRO cover made of?
  • Can I put my cover on my car while my car is wet?
  • Can I put my cover on my car while it is dirty?
  • What if my car contains a non-factory spoiler or body kit?
  • In case I have an aerial, how does the car cover fit?
  • Are all your covers fitted?

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Cover Differences

  • What is the difference between Outdoor PRO and Outdoor Basic?
  • What is the difference between Outdoor PRO and Outdoor All Seasons?
  • What is the difference between the Indoor Basic car cover and the Indoor Premium one?
  • What is the difference between Outdoor cover and Indoor cover?
  • What is the difference between the Indoor Soft Pro and the Indoor Premium?



  • What is the delivery time?
  • What is a processing stage? How long does it take?
  • Do you ship to other countries as well? If yes, is the shipping free?
  • Do you deliver on weekends?
  • Do you ship internationally or inside Australia?
  • What if I am not available to receive the parcel?
  • What if my parcel is not even in the local depot after failing to receive it?
  • I live in Hong Kong. Can I buy from your Australian website?
  • What’s the courier used?
  • How long do I need to wait after placing an order?


Cover Protection

  • What type of lock does the cover have?
  • Do covers come with a soft inner layer?
  • Do these car covers also protect during hail?
  • Are Outdoor covers completely waterproof?
  • Would the cover protect my car against the heavy wind? How do I know?
  • Are the outdoor covers 100% waterproof or just water-resistant?
  • Which cover colour can protect my car from the sun?
  • Can someone steal my cover?

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  • Do covers come with mirror pockets?
  • My cover is in my garage, but water leaks from the ceiling right straight on my car. Will indoor cover help to protect my car?
  • Do you do express shipping?
  • I have this specific car model, and I can not see it on the website. What should I do?
  • I have a huge car. If you design a cover for it, would it be the same price as it is on the website?
  • My car is always outside in the rain and snow. I want something which will protect it. Which product do you recommend?
  • I want an indoor car cover. Which one is the best one?
  • It states on the website that an additional lock will be sent with the cover. How do I use that lock?
  • Do indoor covers come with locks as well?
  • Can I wash the cover?
  • How can I choose the best cover for my car?
  • My car is in my garage, do I need a cover?
  • Can one person put on the cover?
  • Is it possible to cover my car for long term storage?


Return/Refund & Cancelation

  • When do you take care of the return postage?
  • When can I cancel my order?
  • Can I cancel my order after 24 hours?
  • How long does the refund take after the return?
  • How about if I’m not satisfied with the product?



  • Can I have my logo on the cover?
  • Do covers come with a lock?
  • What does the extra protection feature do?
  • How do I get a soft inner layer for my cover?



  • Where are the covers made? Are these Australian products?
  • Where is your stock-based? Are you shipping this from China?
  • Do I have to pay any customs duties?