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There could be cases, especially in the busy urban area, that your apartment or a house doesn’t come with a garage space, and you are forced to leave your vehicle parked outside. This can be a very risky business, not just because you leave your vehicle exposed to all kinds of climate harm, but also it is not protected from thieves. Thankfully there is a solution to that problem - an outdoor car cover. It will protect your vehicle from such harms as rain, bird droppings, accidentals dents and scratches by tree branches, animal scratches and so on. In case you are wondering which one is the best car cover for outdoor storage, that depends on your needs. Whether or not it often rains if you have strong winds in the area, wildlife nearby and so on.



We are proud of what we do. At Car Covers Australia we strongly believe in forming a meaningful and valuable, lasting relationship with our clients. This is the reason we have devoted our time, resources and effort to offering the best indoor and outdoor car covers to satisfy our customers’ needs. What sets us aside from the competition and why we are your optimal destination when searching for a car protective cover?

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With Car Covers, top quality is guaranteed. We care about our clients and we work to provide the best car cover each time as if the vehicle was our own pride and joy. We offer maximum value while minimizing costs to customers by offering them dependable car covers which look smashing and are made to last. Forget about running back to the shop to get a replacement in a few years.

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Here at Auto Covers Australia, we can guarantee a quality fabric at a great price. Use our site to search for the perfect cover to suit your needs. Our products are long-lasting, made from a high-quality breathable material to protect your vehicle in all conditions. The fabric we use has undergone extensive tests for quality and durability so that we know we are supplying our customers with the best possible product.

Here at Car Covers Australia, you will find the best outdoor cover Australia has to offer. We have outdoor covers for every vehicle type and can customise them to fit every client’s needs. Just make sure you enter your car’s specifications, and you will surely find a perfect cover. 

We all know how dangerous the sun rays can be for our bodies: from wrinkles to skin cancer. Did you know that these UV rays are hazardous for our vehicles, too? That’s why sun protection car cover has become a trend, especially during the summer heat!

What happens to the vehicle if you don’t protect it with a sun cover for car? If you’ve ever seen a car with faded or peeling paint, then you should know that it’s the effect of the sun when the vehicle is left outdoors without a sun protection car cover.

Besides the fading paint, other sun damage may include discolouration of plastic, faded interior and dried or cracked leather! Why should we risk the life of our beloved car if all it needs is a car cover for sun?

At Car Covers Australia, we care about the life of each vehicle and offer the best car cover for sun and heat for maximum protection. Just put one of the best car covers for outdoor storage on your beloved car, and it will serve as a barrier that blocks out all dangerous UV rays. Having your vehicle covered will keep the interior cooler and less prone to damage over time. Have you already chosen an outdoor cover for your car protection against sun?